Our concept

The menu offers a wide choice of classic dishes complemented by suggestions.

As a speciality of the house, we would like to highlight our home-made cheese and shrimp croquettes, as well as the sweetbreads with field greens, gratin and archiduc sauce.

For the meat lover we have our Black Angus assortment of contre filet with chicory salad, the filet pur with salad and the filet pur "Robbes Pierre".

Every day we also offer a fish selection.

Our classics of vol au vent and stew are also worth mentioning.

For the sweet-toothed, we have our home-made tiramisu or our home-made advocaat with ice-cream or with fruit.

We also serve a wide range of wines by the glass, as well as small bottles of 37.50 cl.

If you have any personal wishes regarding allergies or vegetarianism, we will be happy to meet them.


Inge and Peter